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WalkawayCover: Four weeks’ free pet insurance, especially for puppies and kittens

WalkawayCover is MiPet Cover’s free pet insurance that’s designed with puppies and kittens in mind. We know how important it is to support new pet owners during their new furry friend’s early months. Having a WalkawayCover pet insurance policy covers your new pet against unexpected illnesses and injuries as they settle in to their new home with you.

Getting started with our free WalkawayCover is easy. Book an appointment with us for your puppy’s or kitten’s health check. If your pet’s eligible, your four weeks of free cover starts immediately after their health check and you’ll have instant access £500 of free vet fee cover along with a bundle of other benefits.

MiPet Cover - Walkaway Cover featured benefits

Curious kittens and puppies with their boundless energy can often find themselves returning to the vets sooner than some new pet owners would think.

If you should find yourself needing a helping paw with additional unexpected costs above your free £500 of vet fee cover, you can easily upgrade your MiPet Cover policy. Choose the LifetimeFlex or 365Flex policy and you’ll get access to up to £12,000 of additional vet fee cover in a jiffy!

All you’ll need to do is get in touch with the MiPet Cover team before your WalkawayCover expires and your upgraded cover will be arranged straight away.

We understand that your pets should be able to continue with the clinical care they need, no matter what.

(WalkawayCover policy fixed excess is £100 per condition. In addition, a 10% variable excess will apply on top of the fixed excess for all eligible claims. This amount will be deducted from the claims settlement. To find out more, please visit mipetcover.co.uk/faqs. Kitten or puppy must be between eight weeks to one year of age and is subject to a health check. WalkawayCover covers illness and accidents instantly. Not all breeds of dog are eligible.)

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