MiPet cover newsBecause we care, we’re proud to introduce MiPet Cover, pet insurance designed by our vets.

Puppies and kittens

New puppy or kitten? Get them started on the right paw with a four week’s free Instant policy*. Once your new furry friend has had their health check, we’ll set you up with cover that’ll give you access to all of the policy benefits. For more information, please ask at reception.

Looking for an annual policy?

Pets will be pets, so cover yourself against unexpected vet bills in the future with one of the four levels of cover.

Compare the MiPet Cover policies and choose the right one for you and your best friend:

  • Annual – The Annual policy provides 12 months’ cover and includes £3,500 of vet fee cover per condition. As MiPet Cover’s most economically priced policy, it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to keep the costs down in the short term.
  • Essential Life – If you’re looking for a more affordable pet insurance policy that offers lifetime cover, Essential Life could be the right option for you. Essential Life includes up to £4,500 vet fee cover for every year you choose to renew your policy.
  • Classic Life – In addition to the features included in the Essential Life policy, you’ll also benefit from vet fee cover of up to £7,500 every year you and your pet are with MiPet Cover.
  • Premier Life – This is MiPet Cover’s most comprehensive cover for complete peace of mind. If you’re a pet owner looking for a premium lifetime policy, this is certainly the right level of cover. Vet fees are covered for up to £12,000 and this is topped up every year you choose to renew your policy.

Why MiPet Cover?

MiPet Cover helps you care for your furry best friend. Their promise is simple. Live life to the fullest with your pet and they’ll help you take care of any unexpected vet bills.

Each policy has been designed by our vets, ensuring the best for you and your four-legged family members. To find out more, please ask at reception or visit mipetcover.co.uk/referral.


*Terms, conditions and excesses apply. Puppies and kittens must be aged between eight weeks and under one year to qualify for Instant cover.

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